Women & Water

As a great outdoor shooting season slowly comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on the incredible last two months…in terms of creativity and personal relationships. I´m thinking about strong & original women with whom i have had the pleasure of collaborating with, in one form or another over the last months and who have played an absolutely integral part of the creative process.

The highlight has probably been those who were initially hesitant about working in water, or for whom the conditions were not ideal for one reason or another but who placed their trust in my guidance, then made a decision to keep rolling with the process a little bit longer until they felt natural and content enough to give me something that was theirs…Interestingly these were precisely the underwater images i am most inspired by and which I feel went beyond my expectations…These women gave me something true to that moment and to their essence. This is something I could not have planned for. But that authenticity is what we look for and it’s what makes us keep looking.
I believe women, in particular, have a deep connection with water. Both are natural healers with an ability to give life, which probably explains some of the profound changes i´ve witnessed in those that are able to connect with this instinct…Food for thought.

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