Wayne McGregor/Random Dance´s ATOMOS at Sadlers Wells

Wayne´s new piece ´Atomos´once again challenges its dancers and its audience to go beyond the obvious and explore kinaesthetically rather than just aesthetically…MacGregor´s passion for  science and technology continues to draw him down this fascinating journey and we await in anticipation each time he probes & creates.

Wayne says that he attempts to work with the body´s natural intelligence and its ability to respond, feel and know how to move. He insists that the body is an intelligent entity and strives to organise this in the way dancers move and respond to each other…The result is a new vocabulary in movement which has now truly become MacGregor´s signature or ´brand´.  Whether you respond positively or not is another matters but this is his and the approach is here to stay.

This is a moving piece that forces its audience to think, travel, feel and connect not just with the dancers but with the whole experience.


  2013 Cedar Lake 6435 2013 Cedar Lake 6447 2013 Cedar Lake 6407


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