The Tribe

I’m not a big New Year celebration girl but as any cycle that comes to a close, it leaves some room for reflection..
2015 was full of great and awful in equal measure. (still pondering on whether that’s always the case,..hopefully not!) Despite all, the overriding feeling is one of immense fulfillment and gratitude. This is mostly because of the outstanding individuals whom I have been fortunate enough to share the previous year with.. both on set and behind the scenes. The energy and encouragement have been phenomenal. This is particularly exciting coupled with an eager anticipation of what’s yet to come…
Looking back it will have been the year I became fully aware of the power of The Tribe…
By that I mean people, irrespective of background who speak the same language, who share a sense of belonging that’s generated from an unspoken familiarity, common values. That tremendous sense of freedom that’s the result of collective creative inspiration. Its fueled me.
Creatives (whether practitioners or not) are dreamers and that in my book is an act of courage and of love.
I’ve finally published the underwater portraits shot behind textured screens: Acrylic Underwater Portraits
The result of a collaboration with these incredible people:
Creative Director – Lee Coventry
Lighting Director – Robin Brigham
Make-up Artist – Sara Menitra
Producer – Antony Frew
Models – Mariana Rebocho, Ana Casian, Oksana Tkach, Mariana Borges, Marina Beirao da Veiga, Alline de Menezes
Here’s to a great 2016!

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