Shanghai International Photography Exhibition Oct 2014

I think it was about a year ago that the ‘Underwater Dance’ project came to life after about 5 months of planning…Every time I thought I was ready, something would come up that was not quite right and the date got pushed back. The actual 2 days were creative bliss…. (coupled with the fact that I’m generally a happier person if in water..).

Most of team on the shoot days had not worked together before so it was great karma that it ended up being an incredible group of people. The energy & spirit were everything I could have idealised.

First – the dancers: Josephine, Robert, Brett, Grace, Lizzie, Kate, Jennifer, Lisa, Natalie, Annie (who impressively managed time off from a recent contract with the Royal Ballet) & Lucia. Then there was Michelle and her ‘makeup gang’ who did an increbile job in challenging circumstances, Charlotte who made a huge contribution with the amazing costumes she was able to produce in such a short space of time, Sofia who just took over styling on day 2, Fred and his underwater gang including Wayne who gave 100%. Then on the technical side – Ela whom was always in perfect control of all the important stuff as well as constantly thinking ahead.. and of course Robin whom I cannot imagine ever shooting without…

So it came as a huge surprise when in May, Simon Leach (a fantastic photographer, curator and mentor) presented the results of my project together with a number of other UK photographers to the Shanghai International Invitational Exhibition. And about a month ago, Simon informed me that the work was picked as one of only two UK photographers who were invited to exhibit solo as part of a worlwide team of 21 handpicked shooters…We have asked the organisers Shanghai to credit all the dancers in the images that will be on display and I do hope that this will be the case.

Another big thank you for making this project possible…I do hope it will be one of many on this scale..!

The chosen images were:

Underwater Fashion PhotographyUnderwater Dance ShootUnderwater Dance ShootUnderwater Dance Shoot Underwater Fashion PhotographyUnderwater Dance ShootUnderwater Dance ShootUnderwater Dance ShootUnderwater Dance Shoot  Underwater Dance Shoot   Underwater Dance Shoot Underwater Dance Shoot



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