Photographing water…in its solid form

As some of you already know, I have recently developed a slight obcession with ice…after 2 weeks of shooting very little else, it dawned that this was just another form of water. With a difference though…water represents purity, abundance, dreams, but also transition/renewal, motion, unpredictability and in many ways the subconcious… a natural link to what lies beneath that is open to all of us if we dare to explore it.

Ice, although essentially the same one associates to restriction/confinement and to all that is perpetual and everlasting, time is stopped. More on this to follow…in the meantime, below are some of the images that started this process..

_MG_4976-2-1Ballet Rambert at Sadlers Wells  _MG_4738-1  Ballet Rambert at Sadlers Wells _MG_4649-2-1

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