Ode to Water

In a recent conversation with the editor of a New York based magazine, I was asked how and what had initially attracted me to photographing underwater. My instinctive reaction was ‘how can anyone resist…?’

Underwater Portraits shot on location
Mariana Borges: Part of Underwater Portraits shot on location (makeup by Sara Menitra)

We’ve all felt it at some stage – the harmonising effects on mind and body. Be it in the open ocean or in a quiet moment somewhere alone. Many freedivers describe being underwater as a return to self… Where one calmly looks inside and  becomes much less conscious of what is happening around.

Associated with both sea and sky, it can represent freedom, loyalty, intuition, inspiration, and spirit.

Underwater Portraits shot on location
Ana Casian: Underwater Portraits shot on location (makeup by Sara Menitra)

Love how an 11th century Chinese scholar described its power:


Recent work shot on location can be viewed at: Faces Underwater

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  1. Dear Maya, having had you as a neighbour, really interested to see how how talented and original your work is. I’ll keep an eagle eye on your Website. Kind regards, Crispin

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