Neptune’s Revenge…

Underwater Photography by Maya

I love this image. It is of course a product of post production but was actually photographed underwater in two stages about 6 years apart. The great model is Robert Guy who is a dancer and circus artist & the coolest guy to have on set.

He was the ideal model for an underwater photoshoot because he seemed to love water, super adaptable with a hunger to experiment. But most of all he brought out the best of any female model he was paired up with and lifted everyone’s mood. I was sorry we did not have more time to work together.

The second model is an Oceanic White Tip Shark which is number 4 on the ‘bad boys’ list and as I discovered, with good reason. This animal showed absolutely no hesitation when charging as he moved from graceful glide to bullet speed in a matter of seconds. The shot was taken at Elphinstone Reef in the Southern Red Sea in August which is about the only time one can be sure to some into close contact with these glorious predators. The shot almost didn’t happen. After being at sea for a week I was quite ill on the day of the shoot and sat on deck for a good half hour contemplating not getting in the water as I was running a high temperature. In the end, the time and effort involved in getting to the site coupled with the prospect of a high probability of a White Tip encounter was just too tempting to stay on board… Once in, the shark displayed aggressive behaviour that I had only felt on one other occasion in the Pacific Ocean in the middle of a storm when one would expect sharks to behave in this manner.  At one stage, the Oceanic almost rammed into me were it not for my underwater housing. (Apparently the light hair colour has something to do with what attracted him…personally I felt he charged because I was diving solo and he knew I was frail). Bottom line I got the shots I was looking for and would have kicked myself had I missed the action.

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