Life without Dance

OK, so its about a week that I´m by the sea to spend some time with the family in Cascais (Portugal)…The sun is glorious, the sea wild as always, the food, the restful pace are definitely healers in the broadest sense.

Day by day there is the sense of  freeing oneself of  stress-induced free radicals that keep your brain buzzing all day and night and make you feel that now matter how hard you go at it, you´re behind on what needs to be done. Not sure if that´s a London thing, a City-thing or a Me thing..

It was about 2 hours after landing in Lisbon (for some ´time out´) that I started to get the ball rolling to shoot the ATP Tennis Open. Its not dance, but its movement and even if I can´t sell the images, its great practice and i´m shooting fast bodies so that´s gotta be worth it. The next day was spent  trying to figure out how to get the right gear because I only brought my Canon with a general lens and needed a telephoto. Great event, fed the soul a little which means I could now relax.

Its not totally unpredictable that I should get withdrawal symptoms from watching & shooting dance, the aura of a performance and of course Sheila´s Jazz class at Pineapple Dance Studios. Its all totally predictable but somehow I thought I might last a little longer this time.

I long for music, intensity and the vibe of London. Its dreary weather, majestic presence and the stylish yet qwirky mood which has drawn me in and made me stick to the place after all these years..

Just booked tickets to watch Sylvie Guillem at Sadlers Wells day after my return.. Yeah there is light..

For those of you who are reading this and are not familiar with Pineapple Dance Studios, or those who watched  the cheesy, over the top TV show which bears little resemblance to the reality of the place, check it out and do drop in for a class at

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