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Egoísta is unique in the Portuguese publishing market having won numerous international awards with regular contributions from some great names in photography, journalism, arts and literature and high profile figures in the areas of politics, culture and religion. Originally conceived by Atelier 004, Egoísta Magazine is part of the communication strategy of the Estoril Sol Casino (Estoril, Lisboa and Póvoa).

The December edition, ‘Sky’ ran a feature on some of my more ethereal underwater work…Their fabulously designed themed editions run quarterly with Patricia Reis as Editor and Henrique Cayatte as Art Director. Henrique is a graphic designer and illustrator, but he’s also a true voice for the visual arts and the founder of one of the most reputable newspapers in the region. And yes, he’s got a strong view on most matters… evidently backed up by facts. I had the pleasure of working with two incredibly professional creatives who refreshingly also have their heart and soul in the game…

creative underwater photography by maya
creative underwater photography by maya

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