Body of People (BOP) Miles Ahead Performance, 9th February 2013

BOP is a contemporary jazz production company that brings the Tradition’s of the jazz art form to the 21st Century. BOP was founded in 1996 by international choreographer, director, performer and educator Dollie Henry. I have known Dollie for about 10 years and her passion, strength and absolute commitment to the art are incredible and truly inspiring.

Her aim was to create a unique theatre & production company rooted in the jazz tradition. Dollie kick started here dream in 1995, when commissioned to choreograph a jazz theatre piece for the event Nubian Steps, initiated to promote and recognise Black Choreographic Talent in Britain. Inspired by the album ‘Kind of Blue’ by Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, Dollie created the jazz theatre production “Touches of Miles” which was performed to great acclaim at The Royal Festival Hall – South Bank and subsequent tour Nationwide.

Dollies’ philosophy of providing a home to like-minded artists and performers led to her naming the company “Body of People” as Dollie her self has always made clear “The company is a credit not to one individual, but to a Body Of People, Simply known as BOP”

In 1999, Dollie joined forces with Jazz trumpeter, music producer, composer and director Paul Jenkins. As jazz practitioners and creative artists, they forged ahead and developed their own unique style all inspired by the esthetic roots that stem from the jazz idiom.

BOP as a creative company and Dollie & Paul as individual creative artists, continue to work in collaboration with other established artistic and commercial organisations and together through the many strands of BOP, bring their feisty energy, creative flair and business sensibility to lead a unique and diverse company that encompasses and respects all aspects of the dance, music and theatre industry.

Their pledge is to keep creative dance, music and theatre making alive in its most organic and spirited form.

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