Blue Mind

Blue Mind is a book I just started reading by the courageous Dr. Wallace J. Nichols. I say courageous, because he’s a Marine Biologist that has ventured into a ‘progressive’ type of neuroscience (or rather ’Neuroconservation’ as he calls it) based on what he has instinctively known for years… that we all share a connection to water and that its essential for a healthy, balanced life. Wallace describes it as a “A mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment”
An E.E. cummings poem he quotes  “In the ocean we always find ourselves”. The great Umberto Pelizzari, a mentor who introduced me to freediving, also believed this to be the case..
Wallace believes that oceans, lakes, rivers, pools and even fountains can irreversibly affect our minds. He has started the ‘Blue Movement’ and over the last years, brought together a range of experts including neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists to scientifically prove the huge value that a healthy ocean has for society. In presenting the value of oceans and waterways, he feels the current conservation approach is incomplete, as it ommits the cognitive, emotional, psychological and social benefits derived from healthy water.
A link to his site:  Blue Mind site
TED talks:

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